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Despre Cenaclu
Informatiile Trupei SikEratScriptum
5 13 Simbata, 2021.Oct.02, 15:40
Thread: SikEratScriptum(Versuri)
Posted by: acdsee7447
Informatii despre Mc Macros
4 13 Joi, 2009.Dec.24, 19:26
Thread: Cenaclu
Posted by: vit
Informatiile Despre Trupa Swoad&Maxer
2 0 Duminica, 2009.Iun.21, 23:00
Thread: Jurnalul unui dement
Posted by: maxer
Informatii Despre Mc Greg
2 0 Simbata, 2009.Iun.20, 09:30
Thread: Cenaclu
Posted by: dXXX™
Dj Decont
Informatii Despre Dj Decont
2 0 Simbata, 2009.Iun.20, 09:38
Thread: spray Montana
Posted by: dXXX™
Concerte Cenaclu
Concertele Crew-ului Cenaclu
6 0 Simbata, 2009.Iun.20, 09:51
Thread: Lansarea "Poetii Morti&...
Posted by: dXXX™

Hip Hop
Hip Hop Romanesc
Hip Hop de la Fratii nostri de peste Prut
66 314 Joi, 2010.Aug.19, 18:53
Thread: Stele verzi(Oza si Rebel Monk)
Posted by: dXXX™
Hip Hop International
discutii despre miscarea rappa pe plan international
8 54 Simbata, 2009.Mai.16, 12:25
Thread: Eminem - 3 a.m.(video Clip)
Posted by: nakuchny

Concerte si Evenimente
Tot ce se misca in cultura rappa
aici gasiti informatie despre concerte si evenimentele de la noi din Basarabia
41 427 Simbata, 2021.Oct.02, 15:42
Thread: Asssault-Crew -5 Pacienti....
Posted by: acdsee7447
recenzii la concerte party lansari de album
26 132 Duminica, 2009.Mar.29, 23:23
Thread: Video si poze de la Concertu...
Posted by: dXXX™

Cautam talente
Caut prin cartiere modele noi ...
4 74 Miercuri, 2009.Dec.16, 17:25
Thread: Scrisori din SubteranVol.2 (...
Posted by: Eretic

Hai sa vorbim
Hai sa vorbim
aici vb despre tot shi despre toate ...
171 4750 Duminica, 2009.Dec.06, 21:29
Thread: Ai insomnie? Nu ai ce face? ...
Posted by: me_marryanna
hai sa ne jucam
25 114 Simbata, 2009.Aug.15, 19:04
Thread: Aoleu...
Posted by: me_marryanna

Free Spray Crew
Free Spray Crew
6 180 Marti, 2009.Mai.12, 21:20
Thread: Graffiti Art
Posted by: me_marryanna

35 232 Simbata, 2021.Oct.02, 15:45
Thread: Mixtape-ul orasului - Episod...
Posted by: acdsee7447

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