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dXXX™Date: Joi, 2008.Mar.13, 01:24 | Message # 1
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Eminem freestlying in a radio station

Lyrics. The blanks are words/lines i can't make out. feel free to send me a message if you can figure it out and i'll update it.

Met a retarded kid named Greg with a wooden leg
Snatched it off and beat him over the head with the peg
Go to bed with a keg
Wake up with a 40
Mix it with Alka-Seltzer formula 40-40
Forget an acid tab ill stick the whole sheet to my forehead
Wait til it absorbed in then fell to the floor dead
No more said, case closed, end of discussion
We blowin up like spontaneous human combustion
Leavin you in the aftermath of holocaust and traumas
Cross bombas
We blowin up your house, killing your parents
Comin back to get your foster mommas
I'm as good at keepin promises as Nostradamus
Cause I ain't makin no more threats
I'm doing drive bys in tinted corvettes on Vietnam War vets
I'm more or less
Sick in the head
Maybe more
Cause I smoked crack today, yesterday and the day before
Sap sore
Walk a block with a Labrador
Verbal cow manure
Comin together like an eyebrow and I'll be sure

It's only fair to warn I was born with a set of horns
And metaphors attached to my damn umbilical cord
Warlord of rap that'll bash you with a 2x4 board
Then smash into your Honda accord with a four door Ford
But more toward droppin an a canella
That'll choppa fella
To mozzarella
Worse than a helicopter propella
Got you locked in a cellar with your skeleton showing
Developing anorexia
While I'm standing next to ya
Eatin a 4 course meal watchin you starve to death
With an IV in your veins feeding you liquid Darvocet
Pumpin you full of drugs
For bloods and gunshot victims full of bullet slugs
Who were picked up in an ambulance and driven
To receive with their asses ripped out of the pants and given
A less than 20 percent chance of livin
Have a possible placement as a hospital patient
Storing you dead bodies in grandma's little basement
Doctor Kevorkian has arrived to perform an autopsy on you
While you scream "I'm still alive!"
Drivin a rusty scalpel into the top of your scalp
And pulling your Adam's apple out through your mouth
Better call the fire department
I'm hired for arson
That'll set fire to carpet and burn up your entire apartment

ZeffoDate: Luni, 2008.Oct.20, 23:49 | Message # 2
micutu rappa
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se vede ca esti fan eminem biggrin

Pace pentru BIVOLARU' !!!
dXXX™Date: Luni, 2008.Oct.20, 23:57 | Message # 3
Group: Administratia
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Zeffo, yeap am toate piesele
emirgan06Date: Joi, 2008.Dec.04, 21:56 | Message # 4
micutu rappa
Group: Fan
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Respect EMINEM!!! I having new realeaps
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